Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HBH Spring Concert Thank Yous...

Hi everybody!

Thank you for all your hard work! Everybody did a great job tonight... =) And thank you for sharing with everybody such delicious food... You guys are amazing! I only cook stuff in the microwave... =P

And thank you to the HBH Clarinet Trio for putting up with my demands, haha... Let's keep our trio going! =)

Thank you to our emcees Lisa (the Arcadia concert) and Shayna, for filling the position that I will forever try to avoid assuming... Hehe...

Most importantly, thank you especially to Daniel and Wayne for helping make everything possible... =)

Just a heads up, we have a concert scheduled with the Hawaii Kai Retirement Community on May 19th... We'll talk abt it more at our rehearsal next week...

And that's it... =)

Thank you again,

Gina, your friendly HBH member update email inbox flooding President...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Upcoming Concerts!

Hi all,

Please mark your calendars! We have 2 upcoming concerts:

March 22 (Thursday), 7pm Arcadia Retirement Residence
March 28 (Wednesday), 7pm Niu Valley Middle School cafeteria

The residents at Arcadia are looking forward to meeting and listening to our group... And we are looking forward to meeting and playing music for them. It'll be a lot of fun... =)

The Niu Valley Middle School cafeteria concert is our 2012 HBH Spring Concert... Please invite your family and friends to join us. =) This event is open to the public... Looking forward to the food? =D