Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HBH - Location change, potluck, concerts, etc.

Good evening HBHers!

Hmmmm. Where to start? So much stuff...

We will be moving our rehearsals to KALANI HIGH SCHOOL. Starting next rehearsal. Just a tad closer to those coming in frm town... We will be rehearsing in MUSIC ROOM J-1. This is all the way in the back of campus (away from the band and chorus rooms in the front). If you'd like a map, please let me know. 

Next Wednesday is Veteran's Day. There will be no rehearsal that day BUT we will be having a POTLUCK DINNER in our new location at Kalani to help us get situated in our new home. And it's fun to hang with friends. =) NOVEMBER 11 at 6pm. Please come!

Just a reminder if you haven't marked your calendars yet... We have a concert scheduled at HAWAII KAI RETIREMENT COMMUNITY, PHASE I, on DECEMBER 5 at 3:30pm. They will be providing us with a light supper after we're done and also gives us a chance to interact with some of the residents there.

We are also trying to put a together a formal Winter Concert. Jen and I discussed dates and came up with these that hopefully won't interfere with UH finals. December 6 (Sunday), 9 (Wednesday) or 19 (Saturday). Most likely about 6pm or so. If you have any input, please feel free to contact Jen or myself on which days work best for you. Jen will be helping us set up some of our concerts. Thank you for your help Jen... Totally appreciate it!

And finally a warm thank you to Wayne and Niu Valley Middle School for allowing us use of the band room and equipment and giving HBH a home since 2011. We won't bother you making plenty noise or interrupting your work anymore but we hope you come and play music with us when you're not so busy. We are totally grateful for what you do for us. Thank you! You could always bring your work to Kalani... 

Sorry so much stuff. Please pass on this information to those you know that are not on the HBH email list. 

Thank you much,

Gina, still trying to find where my brain went and disappeared to and hopefully I wrote everything my brain was supposed to barf out...

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