Wednesday, December 2, 2015

HBH - HKRC Concert 12/5/15


Don't forget, we have an upcoming concert on Saturday, December 5, 2015, 3:30pm at Hawaii Kai Retirement Community, Phase I.

Call time, no later than 3pm. Please help set up if you arrive early.

Please bring your own music stands if you have one. Aloha or Christmassy attire and festive holiday hats and lights and other stuff.

A dinner for HBH members will be provided by the HKRC staff. Please remember to thank them.

Order of music:
Where Eagles
Do You Hear
I Want a Hippo
A Thousand Hills
Book (pages 5 and 8)
Let It Snow
I'll Be Home
Bells of Christmas

Subject to change. This is a long program. We most likely will eliminate Carnaval if we go beyond an hour.

Ummmm. Would anybody like to be our emcee? I'll give you a handful of watermelon Starburst candy. LOL.

We WILL be having HBH rehearsal next week.

Did I remember everything I was supposed to write? If I forgot, please tell me!

Thank you!

Gina, your weirdo HBH president clarinet person who likes to talk about hippopotamuses.

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