Saturday, December 16, 2017

HBH Upcoming Concerts

Good evening HBHers,

PLEASE forgive me for not sending stuff out sooner. I was so caught up with things I didn't have the chance to write this email which should've been sent out last month. 

We do have a couple of upcoming concerts:

12/21/17 Thursday at 6:30pm at One Kalakaua Senior Living

12/24/17 Sunday at 11:00am at Kahala Mall

Please bring your own folding stand if you have one. Aloha or festive or anykine attire okay. 

Playlist for One Kalakaua Senior Living:
Where Eagles Soar
Sounds of Christmas
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
Sleigh Ride
Burnt Applebutt
Do You Hear
Christmas Festival
Carnaval in São Paulo

If you are interested in being our emcee, please volunteer yourself. Otherwise Ben is being told he has to cuz I don't wanna do it. If I did our venues would probably ask us not to return unless we can get another emcee. LOL.

Would anyone be willing to do a potluck or something after either one of these concerts? Let's plan something!

Thank you. Sorry again for the lateness.

Gina, your currently overwhelmed with life clarinet playing weirdo

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