Sunday, July 26, 2015

HBH - TYs / No Rehearsal 7/29


Just wanted to thank all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules and helping make our Arcadia performance go smoothly. Because of your efforts, we got free juice and water. LOL. Just kidding. We heard a lot of positive comments from some really appreciative residents. Even the resident who went up to Shayna and started talking to her in German cuz she said Harmonisch Blasorchester Hawaii. LOL. Good job on your pronunciation. I still have yet to say that right.

Thank you to Shayna for being our awesome MC tonight. You were awesome. And your German is awesome too.

Thank you to Daniel for being our awesome leader. We follow you to the best of our efforts. LOL. No really, thank you for everything that you do.

And finally a super thank you to Wayne who provides us with a place to rehearse each week, chairs and stands and other stuff to use in the place we rehearse each week, for the use of his truck for moving equipment and stuff and giving up a lot of his time to accommodate us.

And due to a NVMS meeting thingy being held in the band room next week, there will be NO REHEARSAL ON JULY 29. NO REHEARSAL ON JULY 29. NO REHEARSAL ON JULY 29. NO REHEARSAL ON JULY 29. Seeya in August.

I know we don't do many performances anymore. I try my best to go around everyone's schedules first. Don't wanna book someplace and only are only 3 ppl able to show up.

Thank you very very very much,

Gina, your HBH mesg sender.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Concert at Arcadia

So we have a concert tmrw. The one I planned. The one we've been practicing for. At the place that I scheduled it at. And I forgot. Until another band member reminded me abt it. Cuz I scheduled a ride with him to the concert. Yeah. This is the same grp that I practice with on Wednesdays. The one I went to this past week and showed up without my music. Yeah. HBHers, if you're reading this... WE HAVE A CONCERT TMRW! But... You probably already remembered that...

HBHers, call time 6:15pm. Aloha attire. At Arcadia. Start 7pm. BYOMS. Bring your own music stands. No equipment p/up. Just be there and don't forget like me.

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