Saturday, August 26, 2017

Message Update

Sorry such a late reminder about tomorrow, 8/27/17... Please don't forget... What: Tenrikyo Annual Bazaar Where: Tenri Cultural Center When: Tomorrow! Sunday, 8/27/17. Time was originally 10:30am. Then it changed to 10:00am. 10:45am is the most recent time change. So 10:45am? Please be there sometime around then. Attire is aloha. Anything on the bottom is okay, although I would suggest something more than underwear. Please bring your music stand too if you can. Here is the order of music: Where Eagles Soar Minute Men #15 Kingdom Hearts Beauty and the Beast PPAP La Cumparista #10 J-Pop Stage Give me 5 Menuetto and Trio #5 Muppet Show Theme Carnival in São Paulo There is NO REHEARSAL tomorrow night after the bazaar. After tomorrow's performance, we will see you on Sunday, 8/3/17. I think that is all. Otherwise, see you at the bazaar! Plenty stuff to eat! Ummmm... Anyone up to Pokémon raiding after the performance??? Thank you, Gina, your Pokémon obsessed clarinet playing president...

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