Friday, December 20, 2019

Message Update

Just a head’s up abt our Honolulu Zoo concert on Saturday. Due to the extreme high winds being forecasted, it is possible the Honolulu Zoo event will be cancelled. I will keep you posted as I get information. If you find out any information regarding a zoo closure tmrw, please respond to this mesg thread. For now we will carry on as if the concert is still on. When: 12/21/19 Call time: 12:00pm Downbeat: 12:30pm or around there anyway Attire: Aloha / Christmas Please bring your music and stands and clothespins or something to help hold down your music from the wind. Getting into the zoo requires a check-in at the front entrance. They have your names there so if you didn’t give me your name and are playing, I need to get it from you NOW. That is all. I think. If I forgot anything, which I’m sure I did cuz I always do, please add. Thanks, Gina

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